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    Featuring a uniquely spicy taste that blends ginger with notes of capsicum and leaves your craving for more, Elephant House Ginger Ale is the perfect mixer to any type of malt liquor, and the perfect drink to fire up your wild side. What’s more, this distinct and tasty beverage is also an extremely enjoyable thirst quencher, backed with a pleasantly lingering aftertaste.

    Despite drawing inspiration from a classic international recipe, Elephant House Dry Ginger Ale delivers a taste that is truly unique, representing a land like no other. And, as such, we are also proud to be the only mass-producer of a local beverage of its kind in Sri Lanka, enjoying a cult following, and all you need is just one sip to know why.

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    • Made with natural ginger
    • Unmatched taste and quality
    • The preffered choice among malted liquor lovers
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