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Sustainability & CSR

As the leading food & beverage company in Sri Lanka, CCS strives to deliver our goodness and health to our consumers everywhere. In the process, we also make sure that our products are made with care and responsibility, to our environment and the people who power our sourcing and manufacturing process. 


Sustainable Sourcing 

At CCS, preserving the delicate natural and social balance is a vital part of ensuring the sustainable growth of our business

We respect our planet’s resources, and responsibly sourcing of our raw materials is an essential part of our production process.

The benefits of sustainable sourcing are quite clear; It allows us to reduce our business risk and volatility in the chain of supply of raw material to our production lines, whilst building mutually beneficial relationships throughout our supply chain and providing supplier communities with opportunities to be more successful in their livelihood. 

CCS Sustainability Message

At Elephant House, our duty extends beyond the production of consumer products. As a responsible corporate citizen, we strive to create a greener country and world for our future generations by engaging more sustainable and eco-friendly practices which in the long run will be one of our biggest offerings to our consumers

Sanjeewa Jayasundara
Head of Supply Chain

Taking Action

Our business depends heavily on reliable and sustainable supply chain partners and sustainable approach to value addition. We are responsible and ethical when it comes to sourcing, manufacturing and workforce management and are committed to making United Nations sustainable development goals a reality.

  • Sourcing


    Ethical and responsible sourcing is a key segment in our manufacturing process.

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  • Community


    The communities that back us with ingredients, raw materials and labour are the driving force behind our success and our main concern.

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  • Environmental Project

    Environmental Project

    Implementation of eco-friendly recycling projects to reduce plastic pollution.

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John Keells Holdings Interaction

John Keells Holdings Interaction

As a member of the John Keells Holdings, we are committed to integrating sustainability throughout our operations and value chain. and understand the importance of engaging with all the stakeholders of our success, our CSR arm, John Keells Foundation (JKF), seeks to meaningfully enrich the lives of the communities through our CSR vision of Empowering the nation for Tomorrow.

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