• Quality and Certifications

Quality & Certifications

Quality and food safety is the top priority of the Ceylon Cold Stores (CCS) and our commitment to consumers. This applies to our entire portfolio, from ice creams and beverages to all our systems and services.

  • CCS Quality and Food Safety Policy

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    CCS Quality & Certifications

    CCS Quality and Food Safety Policy

    Ceylon Cold Stores PLC as one of Sri Lanka’s leading manufacturer, distributor, marketer and exporter of Elephant House beverages and ice creams, is committed to delight consumers by providing beverages and ice creams which are high in quality, goodness and is refreshing and exciting to enjoy. 

    Our manufacturing, procurement, marketing, distribution and other activities have been designed and implemented to accomplish the above priorities of our consumers.

  • CCS Quality & Food Safety Managment System

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    CCS Quality & Certifications

    CCS Quality & Food Safety Management System

    Our Quality Management System is the platform that we use to guarantee food safety, compliance with quality standards and to create value for consumers. Our internal Quality and Food Safety Management Systems are audited and verified by independent certification bodies to prove conformity to internal standards, ISO requirements, global and local laws and regulatory requirements.

    Our production and warehousing operations have also obtained and maintain the OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Standard and the ISO 22000:2015 Food Safety Management Systems as they form the basis of the quality and operating standards offered to our customers.

Quality in Farm to Fork

  • Quality Sourcing

    Quality in Sourcing

    Our Quality and food safety management systems start from the farms and farm practices. We have a long history of working together with farmers in rural communities to help them improve the quality of their products and adopt environmentally sustainable farming practices. This not only ensures us an ongoing supply of high-quality ingredients and raw materials but also enables farmers to protect or even increase their income and their farming quality.

  • Quality By Design

    Quality by Design

    At CCS, quality is built-in during our product design and development by our research & development team according to the requirements of the consumers and following all food safety and regulatory requirements. CCS’s R&D team applies this "Quality by design" to all of our products.

  • Good Manufacturing Practices

    Good Manufacturing Practices

    At CCS, we apply internationally recognized Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure consistent quality and food safety. GMP covers all aspects of manufacturing, including standard operating procedures, people management and training, equipment maintenance, and handling of materials.

  • Consumer

    Consumer Use

    Our Elephant House branded product packaging and labelling carry relevant information to ensure that they are used and consumed safely with the highest level of quality by the consumer in relation to the preparation, ingredients, and nutrition facts.

  • Consumer Service

    Consumer services

    Our consumer services team ensures that we can immediately respond to any consumer inquiry, question or concern. The labels of all CCS’s Elephant House branded products provide our address or telephone number and invite our consumer to talk to us whenever they have a concern or a suggestion.

Certification & Awards

  • Ranala Factory SLS 223: 2017 certificate
    SLS 223: 2017 certificate for Elephant House branded Ice Cream

  • Ranala Factory Separate certifications  for ISO 9001:2015
    Separate certifications for ISO 9001:2015 based Quality Management System in the Ice Cream plant and Soft Drink plants
  • Ranala Factory SLS 183: 2013
    SLS 183: 2013 certificate for Elephant House branded Carbonated Beverages
  • SLS 221 certificate for fruit drinks
    SLS 221 certificate for Elephant House Fruit Drinks
  • Ranala Factory Separate certifications  for ISO 22000: 2015
    Separate certifications for ISO 22000: 2015 based Food Safety Management System in the Ice Cream and Soft Drink plants
  • Quality Awards
    CCS was the Sri Lanka National Quality Award winner in 2003

  • CILC Factory SLS 967: 1992 certificate
    SLS 967: 1992 certificate for Elephant House branded Frozen Confectionaries and Ice Palam
  • Ranala Factory OHSAS 18001: 2007
    OHSAS 18001: 2007 certificate for occupational health and safety