• Elephant House Soda
    Elephant House Soda bottle
  • The King of the Chase

    One of the original brands in our portfolio, Elephant House Soda is made with zero sugar and preservatives and is designed to add the perfect fizz to any drink.

    That simple, yet strong, sense of purpose is why Elephant House Soda remains Sri Lanka’s longest-serving, and still beloved chaser, as it continues to be the ideal accompaniment to any alcoholic beverage, making Elephant House Soda the perfect king of the chase.

    With its zero-sugar content and just the right amount of effervescent fizz, Elephant House Soda preserves, complements, and enhances the taste of any alcoholic beverage, while nurturing its subtle flavours and textures.

    Our ‘King of the Chase’, Elephant House Soda is always, and forever, the first guest on any list, at every social gathering in Sri Lanka.

  • Product Highlights

    • Years of heritage and trust instilled in the product
    • Synonymous with alcohol consumption
    • Center of any social gatherings
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  • Available In

    • Elephant House Soda 1.5 l bottle
      1.5 L
    • Elephant House Soda 1l bottle
      1 L
    • Elephant House Soda 500ml bottle
      500 ml
    • Elephant House Soda 400ml bottle
      400 ml
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