• Company Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct

At CCS we are governed by a strong corporate governance philosophy, a written code of conduct and a proven performance management and values monitoring system.


What is Our Code of Conduct?

Our organisation’s ethics are the established values and principles based on which we conduct and wish to conduct our activities. They also describe the moral and ethical climate within our organisation.
Ethical business conduct provides strong organisational integrity, sets the tone of our organisation’s culture and drives our business strategies, goals, policies, and activities. Our Code of Conduct (Our Code) applies to all of us - employees of John Keells Holdings PLC and its subsidiaries, and it sets down the minimum expectations, wherever we are based and whichever John Keells Group business we work for. It provides guidance on key risk areas that may arise in our respective roles and Our Code brings together the elements which keep us and our businesses interlinked, intertwined and safe.


At the heart of Our Code are four simple principles: 

We are loyal and are allegiant to the John Keells Group, and uphold the Group Values, which ensures that we “do the right thing”, by going further than the letter of any contract, the law and our written policies. We always follow the law and recognize the trust of our customers, other stakeholders and the public who depend on our reputation as a law-abiding corporate citizen. As such, we must always ensure compliance with the laws and company rules and regulations applying in the territories that the John Keells Group operates.

  • Loyalty to John Keells Group
  • Follow the Law
  • Ethical Behavior
  • Professionalism and Integrity