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    Another much-loved chaser in our vast portfolio, Elephant House Tonic is the only true tonic water in Sri Lanka. Made to exacting standards, to make sure the underlying tones are subtle, and never overpower, Elephant House Tonic adds just the right note to your favourite alcoholic beverage, helping to enhance the original flavour of your drink at every sip. Whether served with its usual and traditional accompaniment, Gin, or an alternative like rum, port or vodka, Elephant House Tonic is invaluable as a chaser and a must-have for any social gathering.

    Elephant House Tonic is available in a variety of pack sizes and price points, for any party, big or small, which makes it the perfect chaser to serve for one or many.

  • Product Highlights

    • Only true tonic brand in Sri Lanka
    • Unmatched taste and quality preserved for many years
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    • 500 ml
    • Elephant House Tonic 400ml bottle
      400 ml
    • 250 ml
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