• Research and Development

Research & Development

Innovation through research and development and data driven evolution is at the heart of our organisation’s success. Through years R&D have been our secret formula that drived adaptation  to the ever changing market and consumer behaviour patterns and the foundation of our desire to provide the very best for our consumers,

Research and Development-Innovation

Innovation at CCS

Innovation is a key value of the John Keells group. Being a subsidiary of the local FMCG pioneer, Ceylon Cold Stores (CCS) has been continuously fueling innovation. Changing constantly, Re-inventing and Evolving in all product offerings and manufacturing and related processes CCS keeps the roots of the brands anchored strongly in the marketplace and its eyes unwaveringly focused on the interest of the consumer. 

    • Research and Development-Key Focus Areas
  • Key focus areas

    We at CCS make it a priority to invest in innovations with our brands in focus. Being an established manufacturer of a range of renowned ice cream and beverage brands, CCS has expanded its capacity and portfolio to milk & fruit juices in the recent past.

    Research and development activities at Ceylon Cold Stores mainly focus on three categories, namely Beverages, Ice cream & Frozen desserts alongside safe and sustainable packaging solutions for food and beverage.

    With our newly constructed state of the art ice cream manufacturing plant, we now reach a vast range of market segments untapped by our local competitors. While expanding the product portfolio, our dedicated R & D team continually strive to develop sustainable and healthy food and beverage solutions as well as eco-friendly industrial solutions.

    • Level of Reseach and Development
    • Level of Reseach and Development
    • Level of Reseach and Development
  • The Emphasis on Research and Development

    CCS Research & development unit is equipped with a state-of-the-art research facility with modern laboratory equipment, to facilitate new products and formulation development activities. Infrastructure and capability enhancement of our R&D team is continuously attended and necessary investments are made every year and the recently established sensory laboratory plays a vital role in screening out the best innovations before introducing the product to the market.

    In addition, the R&D team continuously works hand in hand with world-class food and beverage business partners in developing innovative ingredient solutions for our products.

  • Development of New Products

    With all the innovative concepts, new product development is at the heart of our success. Brands, sales & marketing and research & development teams continually work together on new products and processes, which ultimately defines the success of the company, lifting it up to to have a better perspective, creating delightful memories in the hearts of our consumers.
    • Developing New Products
    • Developing New Products
    • Developing New Products