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    We captured the true spirit of the Sri Lankan youth and froze it into a refreshing popsicle. It is the perfect refresher and thirst quencher for any occasion, guaranteed to cool you down and give you a whole lot of joy. The great taste of Elephant House Cream Soda that puts the pop back into a popsicle.

    This cool refreshing popsicle is everything that’s great about young love. It’s the perfect popsicle for two and is meant to be shared with love. Grab yourself an Elephant House Orange Crush popsicle and feel the joy, love and laughter that comes with our favourite orange crush.

    Popsicles don’t get more fun than this. The legendary drink that goes hand in hand with fun now comes to you in a refreshing popsicle. Where there’s a Necto popsicle, there’s definitely a child close by, waiting to have it. And even if you’re not a child, it’s bound to bring out the happy child in you.

  • Product Highlights

    • Leading Elephant house beverage Kids flavour in the form of an ice popsicle
    • Leading Elephant House youth beverage flavour in the form of an ice popsicle
    • Leading Elephant House‚Äôs all-time favourite beverage flavour in the form of an ice popsicle
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    • Elephant House Cream Soda flavoured popsicles
      60 ml  Cream soda
    • Elephant House Orange Crush flavoured popsicles
      60 ml  Orange Crush
    • Elephant House Necto flavoured popsicles
      60 ml  Necto
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