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Sustainable Sourcing

All our Elephant House Food and Beverages are made with ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients from local farmers. We believe in sharing knowledge and resources with the communities that provide our manufacturing process with high-quality ingredients, helping us deliver flavourful natural goodness to our consumers.
Through the introduction of sustainable farming methods that withstands adverse weather effects; familiarizations of farming techniques to compensate for deteriorating soil conditions, and promotion of agricultural innovation, we aim to increase the local farmers’ yields thereby both help stabilize their income and our agricultural raw material supply.
Through sustainably sourcing our agricultural raw materials locally, we bring a dimension of increased local pride to our products and brands. Through improved quality brought in by sustainable sourcing practices, we build stronger brands that will ultimately bring joy to our consumers.

Vanilla Project

Natural Vanilla from Local Farmers

Sri Lankan rural vanilla farmers are the proud source of the world celebrated natural vanilla flavour of Elephant House Vanilla Ice Cream. A collaboration between Ceylon Cold Stores (CCS) and Kandy Vanilla Growers Association (KVGA) single-handedly revived the local vanilla industry. By continuing to source local, CCS has empowered the Vanilla cultivation and vanilla farmer clusters spread around Sri Lanka.

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Ginger Project

Sustainable Sourcing of Ginger from Local Farmers

The sweet and zesty combined flavour notes of Elephant House Ginger Beer (EGB) has its roots among the local ginger farm communities, who exclusively provide CCS with locally grown ginger. Grown and harvested under strict food and agro guidelines, ginger farmers in Central, Western, North-Western and Southern provinces of Sri Lanka benefits from our sustainable sourcing policy.

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Jaggery Project

Sourcing Local Jaggery

Jaggery is the sweet secret behind the Elephant House Hakuru Mix ice cream and our policy of sourcing locally and supporting local communities with knowledge sharing and sustainable purchase plans have helped a dying industry of Jaggery Palm farming and tapping receive a second life.

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