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    Craving for your favourite Elephant House ice cream flavour while on the move or looking to treat the friends and family to our rich variety of flavours? Grab Elephant House Ice Cream in cups.
    Available in creamy Vanilla, delicious Chocolate, funky Fruit & Nut, dreamy Strawberry and our very own exotic Pani Cadju, Indulgence range ice cream cups are the perfect way to taste your favourite ice cream in small scoops.

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    • Your favourite ice cream flavours in a single serving, ideal for any occasion.
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  • Available In

    • 80 ml  Choco Nut Vanilla
    • 80 ml  Strawberry and Vanilla
    • Elephant House Ice Cream Cup - vanilla flavoured
      80 ml  Vanila
    • Elephant House Ice Cream Cup - chocolate flavoured
      80 ml  Chocolate
    • Elephant House Ice Cream Cup - strawberry flavoured
      80 ml  Strawberry
    • Elephant House Ice Cream Cup - Pani Kaju flavoured
      80 ml  Pani Cadju
    • Elephant House Ice Cream Cups - fruit and nut flavour
      80 ml  Fruit and Nut
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