Feelgood Range

  • Frozen Yoghurt

    Elephant House sugar-free frozen yoghurt

    Price: Rs. 370.00

    Flavours: Mixed Berry and Tropical Mango

  • No Added Sugar

    Elephant House no sugar ice cream

    Price: Rs. 275.00

    Flavours: Vanilla and Chocolate


  • Q: Why is the sugar level indicator on the ‘No Added Sugar’ Ice cream amber?

    A: Fresh Milk contains naturally occurring sugar(in Lactose), however, other than for the sugar naturally prevalent in the ingredients no additional sugar has been added to the product during the Manufacturing process. Hence why the product claim is termed as “No Added Sugar” instead of “Sugar Free”

  • Q: Have any artificial sweeteners been added in place of sugar in the ‘No added sugar’ range and how are these sweeteners healthier than sugar?

    A: Artificial Sweeteners which have been tested as safe and approved  by regulatory bodies have been added. Artificial Sweeteners are extremely low in Calories and generate a minimal Insulin response.

  • Q: Where are these products available?

    A: These products are available at most leading supermarkets.

  • Q: What are the artificial sweeteners that have been used in this product?

    A : Sorbitol and Sucralose, kindly refer below for full ingredient list.

Ingredient Lists and Nutrition Panel

  • NAS - Chocolate

    NAS - Chocolate

  • NAS - Vanilla

    NAS - Vanilla

  • Froyo – Mixed Berry

    Froyo – Mixed Berry

  • Froyo – Mango

    Froyo – Mango