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For more than 150 years, Ceylon Cold Stores PLC, as the manufacturer of the iconic Elephant House portfolio of food and beverages, has endeavoured to spread joy and laughter through our longstanding belief in wholesome goodness and nutrition.
In 1980 we at Elephant House reached beyond Sri Lankan boundaries to reach a global clientele, who share the same enthusiasm for our flavours and trust us to deliver nutrition and goodness. 

Since our first, tentative steps into the international market, 40 years ago, we have transformed the local and global FMCG landscape by setting industry benchmarks in manufacturing and sourcing;  maintaining an intricate balance between sustainable industry practices and delivering value to our consumers around the world.

Today we have reached beyond our neighbouring markets, like India and Maldives, and have reached much further afield towards the Middle East including UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Lebanon,  the UK and Europe including France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, and even as far away as Canada and Australia.

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Elephant House Going Global

With our strong push to increase our global footprint, Elephant House is proud of our rapidly advancing progress and status as an international brand that is synonymous with flavorful, wholesome goodness delivered in every sip and bite.
Our range of beverages and frozen confectionaries including the natural ginger flavoured Elephant House Ginger Beer and our range of naturally flavoured ice creams, in particular, has become highly treasured in foreign markets, shared among family and friends alike at the dining room table. 

  • Countries

    • United Kingdom United Kingdom
    • Switzerland Switzerland
    • Italy Italy
    • France France
    • Germany Germany
    • Belgium Belgium
    • Denmark Denmark
    • Norway Norway
    • Netherlands Netherlands
    • United States of America United States of America
    • Canada Canada
    • Australia Australia
    • New Zealand New Zealand
    • Singapore Singapore
    • Maldives Maldives
    • India India
    • Czech Republic Czech Republic
    • United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
    • Jordan Jordan
    • Yemen Yemen
    • Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
    • Iraq Iraq
    • Kuwait Kuwait
    • Qatar Qatar

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  • Quality Assurance

    Export Quality Assurance

    As one of Sri Lanka’s leading manufacturer, distributor, marketer and exporter of Elephant House beverages and ice creams, we are committed to serving our consumers with beverages and ice creams which are high in quality, goodness and is refreshing and exciting to enjoy.

    To ensure that we only serve the very best to our consumers around the world, our internal Quality and Food Safety Management Systems are audited and verified by independent certification bodies to prove conformity to internal standards, ISO requirements, global and local laws and regulatory requirements.

    At the same time, we are unyielding in our corporate responsibility efforts, which focuses on ethical sourcing, sustainable production, and an emphasis on nutrition and wholesome goodness, which encompasses all the food and beverages produced by us. This is sustained, as always, by our longstanding commitment and duty to our beloved consumers.

Export Product Range

Elephant House carbonated soft drinks including EGB, our legendary ginger beer, sweet vanilla flavoured Cream Soda, Fit-O, the natural fruit juice, and Impulse range of naturally flavoured ice creams are now available in more than 25 countries around the world.

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  • Beverages


    At Elephant House we combine a 150-year-old experience of delivering excellence in flavour and goodness with the latest technology and natural ingredients to deliver you with a range of beverages that are refreshingly good. Whether you are looking for a celebratory drink, a thirst quencher, a quick pick-me-up or a cup filled with pure nutrition, we are there to serve you with the best drink ever,

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  • Frozen Confectionery

    Frozen Confectionery

    With a strong market leadership role in both Sri Lanka and the Maldives, the Elephant House Ice Cream category is a powerhouse in our export portfolio.
    Powered by our 150-year-old experience in food and beverage manufacturing ice cream and filled with the creamy goodness of dairy, fruits, nuts and natural flavourings Elephant House Ice Cream, popsicles and lollies are ideal to cheer up, share and celebrate by your self or with your loved ones and family. 

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