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    Offering the best of two much-loved Sri Lankan beverages, tea and fresh fruit juice, Elephant House Twistee is a delicious treat that combines fruit juice with a refreshing twist of all-natural Ceylon Green Tea, serving our health-conscious customers with a beverage that is good for your body and taste buds.

    Available in Apple and Green Tea and the sublime Peach and Green Tea flavours, Elephant House Twistee range hit all the right buttons in satisfying your thirst buds.
    Whether you’re on-the-go, or relaxing at home or away, we’ve got you covered. Elephant House Twistee comes to you in smaller, easy to carry, single-serve packs for individual consumption. and, in large 1-litre packs that are great for sharing goodness with family and friends.

  • Product Highlights

    • The unique taste of green tea mixed with natural fruit juice
    • Contains natural sweeteners – stevia
    • Convenient on the go pack
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    • Elephant House Twistee apple flavoured green tea 200 ml
      200 ml  Apple
    • 1L Apple
    • 200ml Lemon
    • 1L Lemon
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