• Tantalizing & Tangy

    Elephant House Lime Crush is another classic flavour that has been revived to life, after many years, due to the popular demand driven by pure nostalgia.

    It is ideal as a thirst quencher for the days spent on Sri Lanka’s hot tropical beaches, or as an instant pick me up during lazy, rainy evenings. In fact, whenever you need to be refreshed, Elephant House Lime Crush is always there, ready to serve up a delicious mix of zest and tanginess that’ll no doubt satisfy your cravings.

    What’s especially tantalizing about our Lime Crush, is its distinct, opaque, not-quite-white colour, which gives it an aura of mystery. All of this, blend together to add to the appeal of our very own mystery drink, which, once tasted, is not easily forgotten.

    Elephant House Lime Crush is available in a variety of sizes and price points to suit any occasion.

  • Product Highlights

    • The first cloudy beverage within the Lemon/Like flavor category
    • Clear and distinguishable taste of lime
    • Sometimes can serve the purpose of acting as a chaser as well
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