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    As a brand steeped in natural goodness, it is only fitting that Elephant House brings its expertise in freshness and flavour to our own range of flavoured milk. Interestingly, Elephant House was, in fact, the pioneer of ready-to-drink flavoured milk in Sri Lanka.

    Back by popular demand, our ‘legen-dairy’ range of flavoured milk is now available in fan-favourite flavours of Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry, with each flavour serving as a treat to your taste buds.

    Packed to suit the on-the-go, modern lifestyle, Elephant House Milk is locally sourced and is available in Tetra Packs to preserve its freshness and nutrition, and to provide you with an enriched drink that helps you grow.

  • Product Highlights

    • Made using with the highest milk composition
    • Creamier and Nutritious
    • UHT (Ultra High Temperature) treated
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  • Available In

    • Elephant House Vanilla Flavoured Milk
      200 ml  Vanilla
    • Elephant House Chocolate Flavoured Milk
      200 ml  Chocolate
    • Elephant House Strawberry Flavoured Milk
      200 ml  Strawberry
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